Civil Engineering

After the process of designing fiber optic networks is completed, the next step is to install it.

What do we mean by the “installation process?” Assuming the design is completed, we’re looking at
the process of physically installing and completing the network, turning the
design into an operating system.

We are reliable
Contractor in an Installation execution

Our employees have
experience in executing over 500.000 Home Passed (HPs) in the Germany and
region through six stages: design, installation, testing, troubleshooting,
documentation and restoration.

Providers can rely
on us to not only do the installation but to assist in the design of the
network and help choose components and vendors. We are able to help the
customer with the design, including choosing the right kinds of fibers, cables,
micro ducts, connectors and hardware for the installation. We know which
components meet industry standards to ensure interoperability and what state of
the art components will facilitate future expandability.

We can also help in
the choice of vendors. Our experience with particular product types and vendors
will assist the customer to choose products that make the installation faster
and easier and often higher performance and more reliable.

The contract for a
fiber optic installation should include detailed requirements for the project,
spelling out exactly what is to be installed, acceptable test results, and
documentation to be provided in order to schedule the project, we need clear
instruction on the cable type, number and types of fibers and colour coding.
All this should be discussed between the customer and our company and agreed to
in writing.

Our experience will
ensure that all phases of construction and implementation of the project will
meet the schedules, quality and budget agreed with client, all related
activities as planning and assigning of labour, machinery, ensuring
availability of materials and network equipment are our proven expertise. 

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